Sunday, April 12, 1998

Former Lotus Lambda Database Profile

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Note: Originally posted on the Lotus Lambda database, the precursor to the EAGLE online community, behind IBM's firewall on 12 April 1998, at 3:25 pm, and posted here on 24 May 2007:

Name (Notes Address) : Sarah Siegel/Somers/IBM...
Workgroup : IBM Software Group
Office/Home City : Somers
Office/Home State or Province : New York
Office/Home Country : United States...

...I'm happy for a new opportunity to know l/g/b/t/o colleagues; I work for the IBM Software Group as the manager of Web Production and have had a chance to work with a number of Loti by phone and e-mail on web projects, including Penny...Jim...Jackie...Perry...Lisa....

Steve and I have become friends, as he works on the second floor of Building 1 in Somers and I work on the fourth floor....

My history has shown me that the future holds all sorts of surprises, like who thought a nice Comparative Literature major like me would end up in a high-tech place like this, and that I am happiest when I'm myself: enthusiastic, openly lesbian, actively Jewish, writing, and skiing, running, rollerblading to
Aaliyah, Chic, DeBarge, SWV....

I'm the coordinator of the Tri-State chapter of EAGLE, the IBM version of LiLAC, which has 10 chapters nationwide, and which has been around actively since August, 1997. For those of you who work in the Tri-State (NY, CT, NJ) area, please let me know if you'd like to join us for monthly EAGLE dinners, which rotate around area restaurants and usually draw 20-30 people.

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