Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guest Post

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My Brother-in-Law's Birthday Gift

Upfront note from Sarah: Well, I'm not yet an IBMer for life, though this July, including my time at Sears Technology Services and then the joint-venture of Sears and IBM, my IBM service counts for 20 years.

Also, I've not re-made IBM into a place, "...Where GLBTs want to go," I don't think; I've just helped it be an even more appealing place, along with many, many GLBT and GLBT-friendly colleagues.

My apologies in advance for any liberties I’ve taken in the name of humor. Particularly the second half of the third paragraph, and maybe the whole second paragraph. Know that I love you, and wish you all the best. Hope you smile, when you read this and throughout the day.

>> G

Dear Sarah,

In North Jersey suburbs,
Where some spies reside.
I’ve a sister-in-law
Who’s got nothing to hide.

Sarah blogs about everything
under the sun.
She shares, over shares,
And maybe then some.

She swims like a fish,
And blades like a blader.
But breathes very quietly,
Not like Darth Vader.

An IBM lifer,
who woulda thunk it?
Yes, she’s taken some fresh
Big Blue cool aid and drunk it.

Sarah’s made over Watson’s
Big computer co,
To a fabulous place
Where GLBT’s want to go.

So open the windows,
yell “Proud to be Gay”
And let’s celebrate
Sarah Siegel’s Birthday.

Happy, Happy Birthday.

Your loving brother-in-law,


Anonymous said...

So clever, and very sweet, of your B-I-L! Happy Birthday, Sarah! I hope it was a good one! xxoo-j-

Sarah Siegel said...

Thanks for your birthday wishes, John, and Gary will like seeing your feedback, especially since you're a writer.