Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nine Haiku for Valentine's Day

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Haiku #1

Confess that forgot?
No, find Pat did, too, and laugh...
Love, at 17.

Haiku #2

Chagrined at blogging,
but Pat's on Facebook right now.
Cats killed all languor.

Haiku #3

Cynthia Nixon --
Our entertainment later.
Phew! A date is nigh.

Haiku #4

Pat, I love always;
She makes me laugh and is kind.
The combo delights.

Haiku #5

Today: Chocolate Day
Not a day of greater love
Pat is better than....

Haiku #6

Our marriage still waits.
Will I ever be a bride?
New Jersey, come on!

Haiku #7

Recall macro-love;
Offer g'milut chasadim
Give loving kindness.

Haiku #8

How grateful I am!
I have a relationship.
Please, God, sustain it.

Haiku #9

Romantic love lasts;
It does not burn, though, like prior.
I smile, recalling.