Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cat on My Lap

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Whose Stomach is Gurgling? Hers or Mine?

Sometimes, her leg quivers and I think she's dreaming. "What does she dream about, Pat?"

"Chasing birds and squirrels."

On a winter day like today, Phoebe is a comforter. When we first invited her into our home in July, it was less lovely to host her on my lap in terms of the heat she generated, but no less sweet to feel her silky, shiny coat under my sweeping hands, and hear her purr-engine become louder as I swept.

Have the cats slowed me down? Tranquilized me? Made me less intense? Do I need this forum a bit less when I have such positive attention from these lovely little beings?

Maybe, I am becoming slower, more tranquil, less intense...and maybe these cats are going to extend my life-span, if not primarily inspire my creativity-drive.

Over time, I hope they'll do both. A couple of months ago, I read Doris Lessing's book on cats and was delighted by how well she described each of the ones she had parented over her lifetime. She did amazing character development. It made me take jealousy by cats seriously and now, I ensure that I always pet and praise both of them when they're together.

Phoebe likes my lap during the day and Toonces prefers my TV-watching legs at night.

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