Saturday, February 28, 2009


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I Need to be Downtown in 14 Minutes

Kalpana Mohan's blog is delicious. Scrolling through it just now, I was reminded that I felt a bit indignant, reading The Diary of a Maidservant, knowing that an upper-class man wrote it, and that Oxford University Press published it. That's sort of how I guess some feel about so many white Brits having been behind "Slumdog Millionaire." Both artworks match my definition of art: They restore dignity and so I need to say to myself, Who cares who created these artworks? Thank God *someone* did.

And I related to Kalpana's experience at the cheese counter, only in my case, it was at the drycleaner's and the woman behind the counter asked, "Picking up for Mommy?"

My partner is 15 years older than I and we do not resemble a mother and daughter -- not remotely -- but it's all about others' frames of reference.

The flower entry made me hungry for Spring.

I will be late....

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