Saturday, February 7, 2009

Theory vs. Experience

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I'd Rather Be a Generator than a Consumer

In class recently, I told our professor that in undergrad, I wrote a paper on the psychology of humor, which I thought would be great, and fun to research, and it was pretty boring...and that I worried that while thinking about and discussing time and learning fascinated me, I wasn't so sure how much I'd enjoy reading different theorists' conceptions of time.

"I don't prefer reading theory either; I prefer to elaborate it," he said. My professor was Swiss and sometimes, his word choices sounded like they came from French, but I related to what he meant; he'd rather create theories than read others'. And he said something so appealing in further response: "I am looking for all of you to build your own theory about time in this class."

In general, I'd rather create than consume. It's easier just to consume, but it's more satisfying to produce.

The Chronobiology Discussion Appealed to, and Frustrated, Me

During our small group discussions, when we spoke of biological rhythms, I discussed how baffled I am that I don't exercise as regularly as I ought to, considering how good/confident/clear-headed it always makes me feel.

In plenary, I suggested that it was a self-destructive impulse that kept me from doing something so good for myself as routinely as I wanted to. Others suggested that Capitalist, societal expectations kept me away from exercise.

In response, I was a bit sharp, saying that I'd not blame my recalcitrance on society, but rather, was sure it was individually-based for me; I guess I was feeling a bit cranky from having missed swimming that morning.

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Sarah Siegel said...

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And then I clicked on the originator of the comment and found that he was also a blogger, like me, not a commercial site, trying to sell something. And so I will respond to him here:

Obrigado para seu gabarito amável. Eu fui a este local,, ver a tradução de seu comentário. Como você descobriu meu blogue? Eu apenas visitei seu e apreciei a parte que eu traduzi, sobre a crise produzindo a faculdade criadora.