Friday, February 27, 2009

Watching a Friend's Favorite Movie

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"Love Actually"

This is a pretty good date-movie so far, especially after a busy day that began with a trip to the podiatrist to X-ray a growth in the sole of my left foot. I'm a lefty and it scared me terribly. Nothing was visible in the X-ray, so I'll have it MRI'ed soon. She said it was likely nothing, since nothing appeared in the X-ray; I liked how high my arches looked.

The doctor sent me away with a prescription for an MRI, an anti-inflammatory for 30 days and directions to ice it for 10 to 15 minutes six times a day all weekend.

As If Woody Allen Were in Love with London

Pat is sitting with me, saying we need to go to London. It's so gorgeous in this movie. So far, all that's missing is more of Laura Linney.

I'm pretty sure I saw that "Love Actually" as one of my friend's favorite films in her Facebook info. And then when Laura Linney was in it, I got curious. She's dancing with the guy she's got a crush on now. This is the best part so far....

Now, January Jones is offering the British guy home-hospitality and this machine is running out of battery-power....

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