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Not for 8th Graders' Eyes Only

If my grandparents on my dad's side -- all of blessed memory -- and my great-grandparents of blessed memory on my mom's side had not left Russia by 1917 and the late-1800s respectively, I would not be posting this blog entry, or working on this project:

Earlier, I gathered what I promised to collect for my small-group online-module design project for 8th graders, and sent the following to my classmates in the group:

Hi, Everyone. Here's my promised followup:

For Challenge 1, A.1.c., here are immigrant images; we can narrow the number/edit the selection, but wanted to provide a bunch/variety:

[I included links to nine images from the Library of Congress web site, but none were usable, as all were generated dynamically for my computer as temp files, I guess.]

For Challenge 2, B.3.a., here's a great site, featuring the photos of a Smithsonian traveling exhibition, "Becoming American: Teenagers and Immigration;" at, students can read as many of the captions for the photos as we I don't need to cull any quotes from that book I referred to; this does the job.

For Challenge 2, B.3.b., here is a site that talks about the difference between open-ended and closed-ended questions: train our managers to use open-ended questions when they are coaching their you can say that it's a coaching technique we teach our leaders at IBM if you think that'll be further motivational. [Note: We do not refer to this web site in our IBM training; rather, this was just a useful site I found when I was trawling for "open-ended questions."]

For Challenge 2, B.3.c., here are a couple sites on debating skills and tips:

For Challenge 3, C.2.d., here are some interesting pro- and anti-immigration links:


PRO: (and this one reminds me of a fascinating article from today's NYT; this NYT article's purely fyi....

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