Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Here

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...Rather than in India this Year

Pat and I are bone-chilled by the recent news from Mumbai. I wrote to my colleague and friend Anita, who lives there, and haven't yet heard back, but I've heard news that so far, so good re: IBMers in Mumbai, which is a relief.

Last year, the only two brands of hotel in which Pat and I chose to vacation were the Taj Malabar in Cochi and the Oberoi in Agra. Both brands were targeted in Mumbai, the news says so far, due to their being frequented by Brits and Americans.

It's odd to feel survivor's guilt from so far away, but we do, and we're so, so grateful to be with our family this year, when last year, we were with an American IBM colleague we had just met, and were a family for one another for a single day. We ate our Thanksgiving meal (no turkey, cranberries or any food that resembled it) in the Rajgarh Restaurant in Palm Meadows.

Please God, protect the people of and in India from any further bloodshed. Amen.

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