Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stealing Time...

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...From Sleep

I so miss my blog; Facebook used to be just my "chick on the side." I marvel at a couple of friends who have 1,000+ Facebook friends and who seem omnipresent online. They must not do any offline living, I reason.

And then I consider that a number of people might think that about me with my 500+ friends...not to flatter myself that others besides me are noticing the degree of my online-ness....

It's true that I do spend a lot of time online. Over the weekend, a Brazilian colleague and friend and I were instant-messaging while she worked on the design of a cultural artifact for an event we were hosting on OpenSim.

We were discussing my lack of visual self-expression relative to hers. "I'm more verbally self-expressive," I wrote.

"I'm just the opposite," she responded...which is why she was wearing a custom-made outfit, hair-style and complexion while, by default, I appeared as a long-haired black woman in a gray jumper-dress. I liked wearing a dress when it was only my avatar that had to.

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