Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's the Difference...

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...Between Reflection and Critical Reflection?

For much of my life, I feel I've been reflective, and since April, 2007, I've been especially reflective, as that's when I launched this blog...but what's the difference between plain-old reflection and critical reflection? Thinking and critical thinking?

Historically, I would have said that reflection and thinking in any case would be good, but ever since starting this Masters Program in Organization & Leadership with a specialization in Adult Learning and Leadership, everyone's always talking about critical thinking and critical reflection.

I know I've read chapters on both for school over these two years, but if someone had a gun to my head right now, God forbid, I don't know that I could provide the distinction between critical thinking and default thinking, or critical thinking and critical reflection....Maybe *reflection* means it has to be aloud somehow, whether orally or in writing, whereas thinking can remain in one's head and never feel a breeze.

With a sleeping cat on my lap right now, I feel tranquil, I feel menstrual cramps less acutely and I feel cozy, but I do not feel like thinking critically, let alone doing critical reflection.

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