Friday, February 6, 2009


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This is the lawn-sign that has been posted in front of some neighbors up the street who we don't know, for the past week. The exclamation is, presumably, coming from a girl-dog, as that is the photo featured in the center of the sign.

Straining toward the sky, but less so than a week ago, is a helium-filled, silver-on-one-side Snoopy balloon, which reads, "It's a boy!" Is it a boy-puppy or a baby-boy?

"How could she be the older sister of just one puppy, Pat?" I asked my partner. "Don't they come in litters?"

"Not if they bought the puppy from a breeder."

So is it a human boy or a canine one? Either way, I'm touched at how beloved the female dog must be to our neighbors, since she has been the star of Squire Hill Road for seven days.

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