Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kvelling on Pride Weekend

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GLBT Pride and More

This month's theme and celebration inspires me to list what I'm proud of:
  • Pat and I have a positive, long-lasting relationship -- 18 years next month
  • Two summers ago, I agreed to adopt sister-cats, Phoebe and Toonces, not having grown up with pets, and apparently, they love us and are happy in our home
  • Our nephews and niece are fond of me
  • My mother, sisters and I are close, and mostly, we let one another be ourselves
  • My work and most recent schooling is dedicated to helping people learn
  • I've earned a 4.0 so far, and am two-thirds of the way through a Master's program at Columbia University's Teachers College while working full time...when I didn't even believe I'd be admitted
  • I am relatively athletic and fit
  • I blog and am able to express myself openly
  • Even if it's droll more often than I'd like, I have a good sense of humor
  • You can count on my honesty
  • I have color- and style-sense
  • Healthy eating has been a 20-year commitment so far
  • Even when my opinions or beliefs are not popular, typically, I speak up
  • Creativity, enthusiasm and bravery fuel my sense of possibility, which leads to a willingness to experiment and take risks
  • Pat and I have made a nice home together, which I enjoy living in and walking around.


Anonymous said...

You should also be proud of being a kind, thoughtful, and generous person.

Sarah Siegel said...

It takes one to know one!

rucsb said...

Serene !