Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Could Have Danced All Night II

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Or Golfed or Swum

Instead, I had restfully full nights' sleeps; serendipitous chats with friends; quality-hours with Pat; surprisingly good chip-shots, putts and drives; dancing in the ranch's saloon to songs I loved and songs I danced to for love, since Pat liked them; NY-state cheddar-cheese omelettes; dinosaur discussions with a six-year-old son of our friends Mia and Deb; conversations while treading water for 30 minutes in an outdoor pool; horse-clopping in the background while finishing Chely Wright's memoir pool-side; a pre-bed "New Yorker" short story; meal-time conversations about what it's like to be a Kate Winslet movie extra....

Wishing the weekend were double its length.


rucsb said... dance...! I visited your blog today and read this post , we are getting attuned to each other. i should have listened to you more today ...

i will listen & understand you(r) (work) more to be able to add some value which is my interest area , i am referring to Social Learning ;-)

Sarah Siegel said...

Thanks for your concern, but I just saw us as having an animated conversation -- I'm an interrupter, too.

Hope all's well. You've been a bit quiet lately. Probably busy.