Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 2.5

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Don't Worry, and Unexpected Encouragement

In my previous entry, I meant to mention that I plan to try working with a therapist again. I had seen one since college, depending on where I lived, and until several years ago, but probably, I was not ready prior, as I always felt like most often, I just went in there and told stories and entertained us...or myself, anyway.

So we'll see.

Something helpful happened already as a result of last night's blog-entry. A colleague from work wrote to me and relayed, though our life circumstances differed from each other, the colleague felt that the colleague could have been the entry's author.

Certainly, I wish this mood on no one else, but since at least one other person in the world has told me that this person could relate to my account, I feel less alone in the struggle and I hope my colleague does a bit, too.


Anonymous said...

You are not alone.
I love you.

Sarah Siegel said...

I have the world's best siblings!

Steve said...

Ummm. You were in my dream last night and in the dream I tell you how beautifully and gracefully you have grown since we met.

I looked for you on FB to share my dream with you, share a chuckle and a greeting. I saw this link, read your post and lost my breath at how things like this happen.

For me, the next chapter is more amazing than I imagined and I had high expectations and very high stakes involved. Scary, yes for a minute, but then so worth the risks, all of the risks. Fully alive...good and bad, dark and light.

I'm sorry for your depression. I have deep respect and compassion for those who are depressed. It is tough row to hoe on so many levels.

I wish you well Sarah. If my dreams mean anything...all shall be well.

Pax et Bonum,

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I learned depressed behavior from my mother or if I am depressed and then perpetuate the behavior. But you (we) can till find the joy of a pair of kittens, the beauty of a sunrise and sunset. The moments of joy are what really get us through.I see your picture every time I pull up your blogg and I remember the sense of spirit , connectedness and grace that I will always feel when I think of you. i smile every time