Sunday, March 7, 2010

Poetry Would Be Fun to Write on a Day Like Today

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Transcultural Experience

Jubilee Park Diner in Clifton, NJ for breakfast with Pat post-swim
Burn the hash or Pat will send it back; same with my feta-spinach omelette.
Joan Rivers is in NYT Styles, on Jay Leno's and Ambien's effectiveness
Another Sarah Siegel is in the weddings section -- freaky to see my name,
But not Pat's...
Maybe someday, when we're considered human and it's legal for us to be wed....

Paying for our meal, an apparent transwoman comes to pay her bill, too.
She is 6'4" with a strong jaw and a head punctuated by playful gray pig-tails.
She wears faded jeans, a pastel-pink belt, huge, worn sneakers and a cane.
We get into Pat's station wagon with its stubborn Hillary bumper-sticker.
Pulling out, we see the woman getting into her Toyota Matrix.

I feel ashamed at how grateful I am:
Not to be using a cane, not to be alone
To be merely gender-ambiguous, depending on what I'm wearing.

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