Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Prayer for Patience

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Patience-Prayer As Poem

Freudian slip: Typed the title of this poem
First: "Patience-Prayer As Power"
Patience would be my greatest power now
Powerful patience: What would that look like?
Staying present
Raising my brows as high as they go to
Release the furrow
Feeling magic enough at the prospect of a
Small contribution, paradoxically making
A big impact
As Rabbi Kleinbaum reminded us: A butterfly
Flaps its wings in South America and a
Hurricane -- or was it a tornado -- is
Unleashed faraway, elsewhere in the world
Yosef Goldman, one of our rabbinical interns,
Reminds us that two strangers can sit in a
Doorway of a city-street, listening to
Bethoven's Ninth on a boom-box and cry
If I can just be present, just be patient, I
Can be a conscious butterfly, but
Flapping my wings for good, not destruction
And a listening, crying, connected human.


Anonymous said...

Simply lovely. I'm a patient person, but I don't usually stop to think about what patience looks like. I love your examples. And your voice.

Sarah Siegel said...

Thanks for your kind feedback. I wonder how you learned patience. Or was it native?