Friday, October 22, 2010

Crazy Cat

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Now What?

I didn't have pets, growing up. I didn't have children. Now, I have both, in the form of two American Tabbies.

And one of them is ill. Mentally.

The vet said we had four options if they didn't behave when we got them home:

  • Put them in his cat-condo for 12 hours and see if they re-bond
  • Give Toonces anti-anxiety medication, squirting it in her mouth daily
  • Keep the cats in separate parts of the house
  • "Adopt out" Toonces.
Minutes after our return, Tooncey's voice became surly and her ears and fur got ready to fight. We didn't let it go further. She's sleeping like an exhausted angel on the couch now. Like nothing is awry.

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