Saturday, February 19, 2011

Handsful of Heroes

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Daloz Says That a Mentor Is Someone Who Has Been There Before You

Mentors for me, whether or not they know they are, include:

  • My sisters, Deborah and Kayla, both older than I -- girls can do anything
  • My mother -- Jews can do anything
  • My father of blessed memory -- Creative souls can do anything
  • Aunt Tovah of blessed memory -- women can do anything
  • Dr. Barbara Sang -- lesbian women can do anything
  • Jane Harper -- people can do anything
  • Rob Shook -- I can do anything
  • Carol Vericker -- I can be a leader
  • Mike Fuller -- I can help IBM do anything in behalf of gay, lesbian, bi and trans clients and colleagues
  • Edie Windsor -- Lesbians at IBM in the '60s can do anything
  • Lynn Conway -- MTF women can do anything
  • Kate Bornstein -- MTF people can love anyone and then also can raise my consciousness about the not necessarily binary quality of gender.
I'm grateful to all of my mentors, all of whom are heroes to me.

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