Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Month from Today...

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Pat & I Will Be Married

July 1st is the day. I found what I'll wear the other day online -- we'll see if it fits when it comes. Pat never reads this blog, so I'll tell you that it's a floor-length, silk-cotton dress with a cowl neck in front and back, in cadet blue. She'll see it for the first time on our wedding-day. Pat knows only that it's a dress and told me today that she's surprised that I'm choosing to wear a dress.

"Do you not want me to?"

Pat didn't answer.

"I just think it's a special day," I said, but I know what she means, since I've worn a dress just twice the whole time we've been together, to two formal gala events. Well, this is not formal, not a gala, but it is a major milestone, so I think I wanna do so. It'll depend on whether or not it fits. I'm too self-conscious to shop for it live, so if the online route fails, I might not do it. We'll see.

The nightmare I blogged about previously reflects my vulnerability around wearing something other than pants to our wedding. So it's easier to talk about what I'll wear than what it means that I'll be married 30 days from now. Today, I read a "New York Times" article on how it's easy to like technology, but how hard to love people in all the complexity that love requires.

People are complex. It will mean more when we're married than it means now, even though we've been together for nearly 19 years. It is a big deal. I'll need to blog more about it over this next month. Gonna go back to Pat's & my Florida vacation w/our friends now. More later....


Joybells said...

I'm tickled pink that you're going all formal. The dress sounds lovely. I'd like to make the case that your wedding is BOTH formal AND a gala. Formal in the sense of formal-izing your union with vows, rings, and a rabbi leading you and your assembled community through a formal ceremony. Plus, I just looked up the word "gala" and it says, simply, "a festive celebration; especially: a public entertainment marking a special occasion." There you have it!

Lots of love & hugs to you both,

Sarah Siegel said...

Of course, I couldn't keep the dress a surprise from Pat and already modeled it for her, and she loved it...phew! And she showed me the new shoes she bought for our big day; she bought 'em while I was away on business.