Friday, July 1, 2011

Our Wedding Day

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Feeling Like the Translation of My Name

"Sarah" is the Hebrew word for "princess." And I do feel essentially female and lovely, and even regal today. Please, God, let it last. Other than wishing I had had 90 minutes more of sleep each night for the past couple of weeks, I feel fresh and excited.

All these years, I've felt sort of in limbo societally -- more fish and fowl than human, as I had gotten to age 45 without experiencing either of two classic milestones of human adulthood: being married and having children. Today, I'm declaring my humanity ultimately through marrying Pat. The up-side of having to wait so long is that our lovely niece and nephews can participate in our wedding in more substantial ways, e.g., Zoe's gonna take candid photos.

"On a scale of 1 to 10, Pat," I asked as we woke up this morning, "How worried are you?"

"10. Just kidding. I'm not worried at all," she said. Fundamentally, I believe Pat, which is another reason for marrying her.

Please, God, let today go spiritually. May we do Your will. Amen.

Note added on Saturday, post-wedding: My oldest sister Deb's toast to Pat & me included her assessment that paradoxically, I'm the most conventional of the three sisters/daughters, i.e., we were the first to buy a house, we live in a suburb...and so if the reference above to "classic milestones of adulthood" sounds ultra-conventional, I guess I gotta admit to having conventional taste in a number of areas.


Bernie said...

I hope today went well, Sarah, and that you were joyous and elated with it all.

God lets all day go spiritually, for all days are spiritual to God. It is up to us to recognize the spirit in all things that God recognizes all the time. We are blessed to have such occasions as your marriage that we may come to see this more clearly.

P.S. I don't believe in God, but he believes in me, so I strive to do better in my time I am here. And if I believe anything else, I believe he blesses your union. Be happy.

Sarah Siegel said...

Bernie, first, thanks for your good wishes, and it was glorious.

Second, you're reminding me of one of the four friends-as-family who joined us yesterday; he's an athiest and he was buoyantly singing the transliterated version of the Hebrew songs of our liturgy at our Sabbath service last night. You guys are the most spiritual ones among us! Thanks for the great reminders.

Bernie said...

I am glad! I loved reading about it! I felt like I was there!

And yes, your atheist friend reminded me of me. He and I would have hit it off, I am sure.