Monday, November 14, 2011

My Blog as Confidante

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You're Not Going to Blog About This, Are You?

My thyroid's messed up. A few weeks ago, my mom and Pat & I did not yet know why I had lost 12 pounds in a month without any reduction in my food intake. It was pure scariness then. Total mystery. Blind anxiety.

When we first discussed my health a few weeks ago, "Please tell me you haven't blogged about this," my mother said.

"No, Mom, I haven't yet."


"I may want to at some point."

How can I explain that even though up to a couple dozen people stop by daily and I have some followers, my blog feels most of all like a friend in whom I confide.

Today, I went to the endocrinologist and she said that I have some form of hyperthyroidism and she's sending me for a bunch more tests to determine precisely which kind.

I will not be done with the tests until the 29th of November, my middle sister's birthday. On the up-side, the doctor complimented me on my fitness, which never happened before. My blood pressure was 105/70 and my resting heart-rate was 68 beats/minute, which for someone who hasn't done much exercise in the past month, and who is 46, we didn't think was bad at all.

God, I must count my blessings, rather than being babyish and anxious with fear. Next step might be to tweet about it and see who's willing to share any experience s/he has w/hyperthyroidism. As with most life-situations, I'm sure I'm not alone.


Anonymous said...

Just asking, what tests are you going to have to find a root cause of your hyperthyroidsm?
Thank you!

Sarah Siegel said...

Hi. Wish I'd saved the Quest form, but my memory is TSH, TSI and anti-something and something something....The first test I had, which was ordered by my internist, did not test TSI and that's important to know, said the endocrinologist I went to. But the first test showed TSH of 0 when it was supposed to be at least .53 if I remember correctly and the anti-something of 243 when it was supposed to be 70, and the something of 70 when it was supposed to be 60. And in 10 days, after the multivitamin w/iodine is out of my system, I'll have that uptake test done, too, with the iodine pill or drink. I should know much more about what sort of hyperthyroidism it is by early-Dec.