Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 5772, 2012 and Soon, Year of the Dragon!

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This is My 600th Blog Entry, Which Is a Cause for Hope in Itself

I've been at this -- blogging -- since Passover, 5768/2007, or for nearly five years. Granted, whereas for the first two+ years, I managed to blog at least three times a week and lately, I'm lucky if once a month, it's still a friend to me and I use it when I need it.

My blog has been a friend when I'm wondering, inspired, sick, lonely, celebratory, suffering from indignities, sad, mournful, grateful, hopeful, what-if'ing in positive or catastrophic directions. On the yawning first day of every new year, I find myself what-if'ing in hopeful directions, though not usually aloud/publicly, as I'm superstitious. What if, in 2012, the rest of 5772 and the upcoming Year of the Dragon, what if I weren't superstitious? And what if:
  • The Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl again
  • Pat's and my trip to Israel in June was life-changing and wonderful
  • My thyroid challenge turned out to be only temporary, i.e., just subacute thyroiditis
  • I collaborated with colleagues to design and deliver more first-of-a-kind social learning activities for new internal clients
  • Traveled to a new city or country for work
  • Exercised at least three times a week and was nice and fit
  • Earned my Masters in Organization & Leadership with a specialization in Adult Learning and Leadership
  • Studied and regained some Hebrew fluency
  • Celebrated my mom's 87th birthday and Pat's mom's 89th
  • Saw real progress in marriage equality for same-sex couples
  • Found time to do more fun things with friends, more learning or volunteer work.

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