Sunday, December 9, 2012

Earliest Smells

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The First Smells I Recall:

Last weekend, our friend David asked us about our earliest smell memories. I said, "Aiplane glue", and then thought about it some more to post this list:

  1. Playdough(TM)-- It didn't smell like food, but I had to taste it
  2. Airplane glue that my dad (z"l) used to build models -- smelled like oranges
  3. Cinammon and butter -- my dad (z"l) used to make us butterfly toast topped with these
  4. Skunk cabbage -- gross, skunky and irresistible to pluck the smelly part from the plants and toss it at our friends when we were playing in the woods
  5. Skippy(TM) Peanut Butter -- smelled salty-sugary
  6. Chlorine -- Burnt my eyes and stung my nose
  7. Jean Nate(TM) -- my mom's
  8. Old Spice -- my dad's

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