Saturday, February 23, 2013

Digital Artefact for University of Edinburgh #edcmooc

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Final Assignment for "E-learning and Digital Culture"

The University of Edinburgh professors who created the assignment required it to have a five-minute duration. Accordingly, I've created:

  • Three short videos (3:01 min., 31 sec., 34 sec.), using tools suggested by the professors
  • A Pinterest board.

Without further ado...

Human Nature and the Nature of Humans and Their Implications for [E-]learning

What Does It Mean to Be Human?

Do you agree with the robot's sentiments? If a robot can express such feelings, is the robot human?

Human Learners Need Human Attention While We Learn

e-learning is about self-motivation, but legacies of historical learning make it such that I expect attention from professors. When the cohort is 7K+ who are active, it is hard to gain such attention, so I find it amongst peers.

Finally, a Pinterest Board, MOOC Marvels - "E-learning and Digital Culture"

To view the full board, please click here. You can select to read my comments for three out of the nine pins, so that your review time of my assignment won't exceed five minutes.

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