Monday, May 6, 2013

Photo Blog of My 2013 Trip to India

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Photo Replay

One of our little cats is sleeping on the table with her tail butting up against the keyboard as I post this. The best part of being home are all of the creature comforts, like Pat's companionship, our cats, the food I'm used to and even reacquainting myself with our yard by mowing the lawn yesterday and photographing the newest blooms.

As I sit here on vacation -- during this window of 4 am-2 pm ET, before jet-lag lethargy creeps in -- I'm warmed by the new colleagues and friends I made in India, and by the memories that the pix bring back:

White, Orange and American Tabby Tigers

Colleagues and Future Colleagues

Found Art

Food from Food Hall Supermarket and Tastier Food from the Tiffin Restaurant

Flora and Some Fauna in India Compared with New Jersey


Pooja Sharma said...

Lovely blog Sarah! I'm glad that I stumbled upon it. :)
- Pooja

Sarah Siegel said...

Pooja, thanks for your kind comments, and for being part of my marvelous experience in Bangalore.