Saturday, January 19, 2008


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Circa 1989

This week's "New York" magazine has a photo of Shane, the character from "The L Word," in the Low-brow + Brilliant quadrant of its weekly grid, with the caption, "Lesbian Lothario," if I remember correctly. (In the "High-brow + Despicable" category, they mention Andy Rooney's recent "60 Minutes" segment on the current candidates having insufficiently presidential names. I blogged about my annoyance about that last week and feel vindicated.)

Here's what I've been wanting to blog about all day, but till now, felt too sheepish:

It might not be an exaggeration to say that from 1988-91, I pursued romance with nearly all of North-side Chicago's single lesbians, and some South- and West-side ones, too, plus a number from nearby Evanston -- the femme, the jock, the bulimic, the incest-survivor, the lawyer, the alcoholic, the rich kid, the union-loyal trades person, the grad student, the woman with a disability, the pre-transition trans man, who at the time presented as femme, the bookworm, the GED earner....

Having been with Pat for 15 monogamous years, that time feels like a dream -- sometimes a good one and often a nightmare -- and I was reminded of it today when I woke up.

In my e-mail in-box, I saw an e-mail thread, where the writers were trying to track down "10% Show" footage and one of them mentioned that one of "The 10% Show" hosts had been her "...first Chicago lover!!! Too funny!"

I read her statement and looked at her name again and said to myself, "She's gotta be mistaken. *I* was one of the hosts of "The 10% Show."

Not sure who *she* is referring to...and then I recalled, oh yeah! For about a minute, we were involved nearly 20 years ago. She wanted to have physiological confirmation for all of the imagining I believe she had mostly done till then, and there I was....She ended it, if I remember correctly.

Here's the immature thing I did today: Since I had been the dumped one, after reading the note and acknowledging our past, brief history to myself, I simply sent an automated invitation to join my LinkedIn network, so that she could see how well I had done since then.

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