Friday, February 29, 2008

Triple Yahtzee Scored

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Discovering a Fan of the Game

This morning, I was creating a list of five things you might not know about me for colleagues, just for fun, which we were encouraged to do, to get to know one another better. Along with letting people know that my hands were double-jointed, and three other items, I included this:
I'm the youngest daughter of the inventor, may his memory be blessed, of Triple Yahtzee, a popular game in the '70s (

In addition to that URL, I found another, the comments of which were an extra treat. I added my own.

I felt closer to my father through Matt Goodwin, the apparent author of "Fatty's Blizzog," than to my own uncle, my father's only surviving sibling. My dad and he were estranged and I saw him only a handful of times in my life.

Earlier This Week

Fortunately, as an adult, my first cousin Sari, who was four years younger than I, and I became friendly. A wedding invitation from her arrived in the mail on Tuesday. We had similar names; mine was Sarah Ellin Siegel and hers was Sari Ellie Siegel. It was odd to see a name so similar to mine, announcing marriage to a person named Barry.

After seeing the Triple Yahtzee references in Google, I thought to google my dad, "Herman Max Siegel." I found my sister Deb's "New York Times" wedding announcement from 20 years ago and a little memorial I posted for my father on There was an anti-depressant medication ad that I had to click beyond to get there, which I didn't recall existing when I first posted it more than seven years ago.

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