Friday, February 29, 2008

Two Movies

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One an Escape and the Other, Inane

Pat and I watched two, rented DVDs last night: "All Over Me" and "Knocked Up." For awhile, I thought that "All Over Me" was going to feel like a teenage "High Art," a movie that I disliked. Instead, quickly, I grew to care about the main character and to wish her well, and I escaped into her world for a couple of hours.

I was inspired to rent "Knocked Up" because I read about it while in Heathrow Airport in December; the British newspaper critics had made it sound good. I was highly-amused maybe twice and fell asleep before it ended.

Again, like the previous, two shows we saw, "Bernard and Doris" and "Come Back, Little Sheba," which I wrote about recently, each was about a struggling couple. This time, I'll not spoil the plots.

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