Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Imaginary Friend

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...That's What this Blog Is

I woke up, thinking, since it's a little earlier than the alarm's set for, I can blog a bit. And it made me so happy to think that I could spend a few minutes here.

It's such a cool confidante because just as people in prior generations used their journal as their confessor, I try to use my blog as often as I can to admit how I'm really feeling...only it's accessible by untold people.

Rather than feeling like an exhibitionist, or that I lack judgment in sharing feelings so openly, I want to believe that someone, somewhere can relate to the spirit of what I'm writing, if not to the specifics, and feels less alone as a result.

My Birthday Season is Extended this Year

This morning, I'm getting my hair cut and then spending the day with my Pat, my mom and one of my sisters and her family -- my brother-in-law, 15-year-old niece and 10-year-old, twin nephews. My other sister, brother-in-law and 15-year-old nephew are at a dance camp they go to every summer, but this was the weekend that I had free, finally, to celebrate my birthday (which was in mid-July) with whoever among my family was available.

We'll go to a museum exhibit I wanted to see and I'm also bringing drawing materials, so that we can draw outside if it's not too hot. I haven't seen my sister and her family since March, though we talk on the phone pretty often (I'm feeling better than I did during our last conversation, referred to in my prior blog entry). It should be a pleasant day, and maybe even a great day, if I can let myself be present for it.

Please, God, let me be present to my surroundings instead of wishing I could be home, working on three presentations for a panel and two workshops I'm co-delivering at an upcoming conference. And instead of missing our cats.

One more thing I have time to mention before I need to go feed Toonces and Phoebe:

I am happy to be getting my hair cut, but I hope she can cut it, so that it remains a longer style. I let it grow this summer because, at first, I didn't make time to get it cut, and then I thought, why not have a change? I have had short hair for the past 20 years. As it has been growing out, all sorts of curly cowlicks have emerged, and it's kind of fun to have some waves and curls. It makes me feel freer, more creative and more casual all at once.


rucsb said...

Ditto. This blog has become my friend too..That's y i am a regular now. When i read this blog, I feel human. May be coz, i am able to connect to deeper suppressed me (feelings ) when i read your blog.Not absolutely necessary to express,but to let you know your belief is for real. Someone somewhere relates to some portions very strongly and deeply.

Sarah, your blog has both depth and heights, like an extension of your own personality.

rucsb said...

Oh..yes..i do get my hair chopped off short when i look for a change.." New Hairstyle " is the easiest way out. ;-)

Sarah Siegel said...

Ruchi, how kind, how generous you are in letting me know that my blog has become your friend, too, and that you can relate to some of what I write here.

Made my day to see this message from you. Thank you.