Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Free Association

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While Watching "Drop Dead Diva"

The main character's body-image issues, Margaret Cho is my hero, I wish I didn't feel alienated by the heterosexual privilege of the show, even as the main character struggles with getting male attention, oh, just in time Jorjet Fox, an openly lesbian actor who's playing heterosexual, she's lovely and the main character has a touching face, Country Club Drive -- there was a street like that, Country Club Road, in my hometown, one of the kids on my bus lived there, I miss Phoebe, the cat, wish she'd lie in my lap while we watch TV, fashion-forward is a great, but stupid, sounding phrase, my nails need filing, for the first time, I enjoyed an essay by David Sedaris, I read it this morning -- I liked his feeding of the kookabura(sp?) bird and the scenes with his dad, I'm afraid of swooping birds, a cicada got into the house last night and I let out a blood-curdlng scream when it landed on my shoulder for a moment, Jorjet Fox is on the stand, she has beautifully broad shoulders, I wonder if she swims, I hope to swim in the morning, Turkish colleague at 9 am, boring to be a lawyer, it would be for me, I'm all about instinct and intuition and big ideas and not data and analysis....

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