Sunday, August 30, 2009

Natural Wonders in Ogunquit

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Maine Reconnects Us each other, since during so much of the year, I'm running from work to school to studying and working further, and so this Maine vacation every summer is the balm. It also reconnects us to nature.

This afternoon and eve, we saw a waterfall next Rose Cove; Vine Mina Lobata at the start of Marginal Way; Rose Campion Agrostemma; Dinner Plate Dahlia, which had pink-butter-salmon petals; Milkweed; sea-foam green; and we smelled sea-weed and wet rocks.

Reading Logan's article in today's "New York Times," about how each neighborhood in NYC smells, inpsires me to try to identify a number of the smells of Ogunquit: so far, Stargazer lillies at the John Lennon art exhibit; miniature, deep-purple lilac flowers, which smell like grape hard-candy; hot dogs on a grill; dune-buggy exhaust....

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