Sunday, January 9, 2011

Favorite Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Films

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This weekend, a Brazilian, female colleague posted, "Off-work Topic: What are your interests when not working?"

A Peruvian, male colleague and I have answered so far. Here's my response:

Other than spending time w/my partner and other family & friends, I like to swim, watch TV, go to museums and plays, and blog, micro-blog (tweet via Twitter) and keep track of Facebook. Just now also exploring

As far as GLBT films go, my favorites include (warning: I'm giving away some of the plots here):

* "Desert Hearts" - a female Columbia Univ. professor goes to Nevada for a quick divorce in the '50s and meets a charming cowgirl - thrilling/charming
* "Southern Comfort" - a documentary, featuring a tragic love story between a transman & a transwoman in the U.S. South - heartbreaking
* "Fire" - Two Indian women discover each other during unhappy marriages - mesmerizing, sad and hopeful
* "Julie Johnson" - An American housewife in the '90s falls for her best friend - super-poignant in its simplcity
* "Show Me Love" - Two Swedish high school girls fall in love - a fairytale, since one is the popular girl and the other the nerd - darling/sweet, hopeful, charming
* "Milk" - Features the life & untimely death of the closest leader that the GLBT community has had yet to Dr. Martin Luther King, worldwide - sad and inspirational
* "Hannah Free" - About an independent American woman and the married woman she falls for in the '40s or '50s, flashed back to from a nursing home setting, where both now live - sweet
* "Prodigal Sons" - a documentary about an American transwoman and her mentally ill brother - clever, disturbing, and all should see it
* "A World Unseen" - Two Muslim Indian women -- one married with two kids -- discover each other in Apartheid South Africa - sad, thrilling and semi-hopeful
* "Maurice" - Edwardian schoolmates at Cambridge fall in love and one marries - romantic and sad
* "Brokeback Mountain" - Two U.S. cowboys -- one married -- fall in love - tragic, including for the wife.

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