Saturday, January 1, 2011

What the Samoyed Taught Me (Again) Today

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A Perfect Lesson for 1/1/11

I'm barreling down our quiet street, where a neighbor got the city to post a "Slow...Children..." sign last year, when I see a neighbor, walking her dog. I slow down, at first a bit annoyed that she doesn't try to move over -- though, where's she gonna go, given the banked snow on either side of the road -- when I notice that the dog is harnessed to a back-set of big cart-wheels.

The dog is as white as the still-pure parts of the snow, which blankets the middle of people's lawns -- a beautiful Samoyed whose hind legs are swinging to and fro while the dog trots along on his or her front paws. I stop the car completely and watch from behind how jaunty the dog is. The dog is having a ball. Apparently half-paralyzed, he or she is thrilled to be out for a walk, no matter the conditions.

The dog reminded me to be patient about getting from here to there, and grateful and joyous at what I've got already: love, companionship, sufficient mobility, spirit....

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