Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Longevity: What It Can Buy

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In My Experience of Observing My Mom & Some of Her Memories So Far:
  • Reminiscences of her red-bearded grandfather when she meets the orthopedist earlier today; the doctor has bright-red hair and a bright-red goatee
  • A spine that curves at the bottom like a slippery-when-wet sign -- the X-ray doesn't lie
  • A University of Wisconsin Journalism B.A.
  • Father loss by her early-20s; she says he looked Swedish and people would buy furniture from him and say, "Thankfully, I didn't have to buy from a dirty Jew," and after completing the transaction, he'd say, "Would would you say if I told you you just did?" (Their name had been Prensky, but Ellis Island officials turned it into Prens, which was not identifiably Jewish)
  • Marriage to my dad, a tall, handsome, creative, funny, toy-designing, child co-producer x3
  • Three good daughters who are there for her when she needs us, which is not as often as it could be, considering her advanced age
  • Trips to Majorca, England, Israel, Maine, France, Nova Scotia and more with various family members and alone
  • Widowhood at 56; my dad (z"l) died of bile-duct cancer within six months of his diagnosis
  • Grandmotherhood x4 beginning at age 67, of three gifted, gorgeous boys and a super-creative, beautiful girl
  • Good friends from 40+ years in metro-Stamford, a number of whom have died; today, she was missing Jane
  • Lush, Jewish cultural enrichment through her love of Jewish folk art and fiction
  • A super-active brain that is the cognitive equivalent of a bodybuilder's physique, still!

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