Tuesday, May 8, 2012


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Pluses and Minuses Since Friday

  • Loss: No more bonus stimulation of part-time graduate school.
  • Gain: Columbia-blue regalia ownership, and opportunity to don the ensemble for graduation on 15-16 May.
  • Loss: Friend Riva being in metro-New York for just a few days.
  • Gain: Friend Riva teaching me about pouncing as we toured Dürer and Beyond at the Met.
  • Loss: Pat leaving for her annual golf trip in Tennessee.
  • Gain: Renewal of my appreciation for Pat while missing her presence.
  • Loss: Finishing my colleague Alysa Turkowitz's dissertation on how LGBT grad students navigate the classroom; I wanted it to continue, like a good movie or book.
  • Gain: Honor at having been among the interviewees included in Alysa's dissertation.
  • Loss: Sunday relaxation.
  • Gain: The opportunity to prepare for a hugely important meeting at work.
  • Loss: Lap-time with our feline daughter Phoebe during a two-day, off-site workshop in New York City.
  • Gain: Two-day workshop on how to help a key population with its learning needs.
  • Loss: My cousin Joe Silverman (z"l), to Parkinson's, Pneumonia and a stroke, just a couple of nights ago.
  • Gain: Memories of Joe's and Joy, his wife's, kindness to my family after the death of my dad (z"l) in 1982.
  • Loss: Maurice Sendak (z"l), an icon from my childhood, who drew the most appealing stories he could imagine.
  • Gain: Learning that Maurice Sendak was gay and had a 50-year companion via this obituary
  • Loss: Rain on and off since Friday.
  • Gain: A front-garden full of pale- and dark-purple irises.


Joybells said...

I adore the rhythm of your enumerations of losses and gains. They're like breathing. Thank you for the reminder to breathe, through all the losses and gains.

Sarah Siegel said...

And like you do with your blog, I could have concluded this entry with a musical interlude; "Joy and Pain" seems most appropriate @