Saturday, May 19, 2007

Charlotte's Web, Dreamgirls and Loyalty

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Solidarity and Betrayal

While vacationing in the 3-D world over the past couple of days, Pat and I have watched a couple more DVDs. So what do Charlotte's Web and Dreamgirls have in common? (Warning: Spoilers follow:)

Disclaimer: Charlotte and Wilbur are anthrpomorphized and I mean no disrespect in drawing parallels between them and two human characters in "Dreamgirls," Effie and Jimmy.

Charlotte and Wilbur are not like the others and neither are Effie and Jimmy. Other than Wilbur, Charlotte's community is put off by Charlotte's appearance, as is Effie's by hers. Wilbur and Jimmy are too spirited for those around them; the communities are not ready for them.

Effie and Jimmy are not as lucky as Charlotte and Wilbur; ultimately, Charlotte's talent trumps her appearance and Wilbur's spirit is celebrated by the community.

The two films also focus on loyalty. "Charlotte's Web" demos ideal loyalty among Charlotte and Wilbur and the girl from the perpendicular farm while showing the conditional sort from the rest of the surrounding humankind.

"Dreamgirls" shows more betrayal than loyalty, and then some restored, redemption-seeking loyalty.

All of the players in both movies try to do what I like to call transforming indignities into art, though Charlotte and Wilbur are most successful at it.

Pat is taking me out for some more culture now and then we'll meet two of our friends for dinner in the city.

Whose loyalty have you prized and under what circumstances?

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