Friday, May 25, 2007

Diokete Hupsala / Aim High

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My of Today

Visiting my childhood friend earlier this week, I saw a magnet on her fridge: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll still end up among the stars."

At an IBM Quarter Century [of service] celebration for a friend and colleague the day prior, one of our colleagues referred metaphorically to the value of working to "...knock [the baseball] out of the park." He was pointing to the many unprecedented, successful projects my colleague had led so far.

At my mom's home later the same day, I mentioned the colleague's encouragement and she said, "Diokete Hupsala. Aim High. Remember, that was my sorority's motto."

In Who Let the Blogs Out?..., Biz Stone writes that blogs should contain their authors' dreams....Of course, as I'm hunting for the page number, where he included "dreams" per se, I cannot find it, but if he didn't, then I think he should have.

Accordingly, I'm going to post what a mentor recently encouraged me to create; she required that I put it entirely in the present tense, whether or not I have yet realized all of the items.

Here's my vision as of 25 May 2007; I:

  • Love Pat and enjoy each other's physically and mentally healthy companionship into old, old age
  • Invest in loving and respectful relationships with family and friends
  • Eat well and healthily
  • Swim at least three times a week, enjoying my body's bouyancy and strength
  • Am moved to laugh routinely and often, and to help others laugh
  • Champion the advancement of IBM leaders globally, including my own
  • Am a Doctor of Education, having earned an Ed.D. from the Organization & Leadership Department of Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Celebrate my Judaism, ritually and culturally, including chanting from the Torah publically on High Holidays
  • Am spiritually connected to people in the I and Thou sense, including to people who seem different from me initially
  • Transform these connections into art through writing that is appreciated worldwide, by millions of people
  • Help others and myself through my writing, particularly to feel even more akin
  • Have work that enables me to:

    • Meet interesting, kind people
    • Write reflectively
    • Lead
    • Be part of a profound mission
    • See the world
    • Give charity to causes I value
    • Afford more experiences that are high-quality/stylish/stimulating

  • Refresh and recharge myself through a variety of physical exertion and self-expression, as well as through:

    • Music
    • Nature
    • Reading
    • Visual art
    • Films
    • Plays.

As of today, what is your vision?

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