Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

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This image is uploaded from my sitemeter, and is actually a list of my stats as of 10:22 pm, May 30th....I hope I'm not violating Sitemeter's intellectual property by using Snagit software to display a bit of what I can see when I click on the "Sitemeter" button in my sidebar.

May 31st marks the two-month anniversary of this blog. What a fantastic way to channel my self-absorption. I hope I never burn out because this is the most fun hobby I've had since being an avid rock collector mostly during my pre-teens!

How do you channel your self-absorption?


Linda Sharar said...

Hi Sarah,

Here I am, visiting!

Thanks for adding me to your list of informers. As if I, could inform you. Ha!


Sarah Siegel said...

Ah, but you do! I wish that like you, I were musical in addition to loving to write -- what a cool combo.

Earlier today, I was thinking of how voluminous my writing is typically, and how I prefer to write and write and write, and how few the number of people who prefer to read and read and read, particularly as busy as all of us are....I tried cajoling myself into considering writing more sparingly, telling myself, think of it as a poem instead of a personal essay and then you won't mind shortening your style....Maybe I'll experiment, but probably will stick with the path of least I've done with this lengthy comment(!)