Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Had a Nice Day!

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Working, Swimming, Writing, Talking with Two Friends...

I could scarcely hope for more in a single day!

My morning began with an Indian friend and colleague, letting me know that the major projects I had come to India to help launch, and which she took on upon my departure, have now been selected as the way to go for all emerging markets. I had hoped that that would happen, and I felt so connected to her at that moment, and so much more effective about my time in India in hindsight than I think I could even see while I was there. A lot of it was about laying groundwork that people could build on beautifully.

Before leaving India, more than once, I told a couple of peers, whenever I succeeded in gaining buy-in for projects, my experience was that nothing major I had ever launched at IBM had been shut down; rather, it had just grown even bigger upon my moving on from it. I was trying to help them believe that the project I started during my short-term foreign service assignment was poised for success regardless of my day-to-day involvement, was trying to reassure them; in parallel, perhaps it sounded a bit arrogant, but I'm glad that I didn't speak least given the news I received today.

It put me in a great, creative mood for the rest of the day.

At day's end, I spoke with a friend of mine, who was confined to a nursing home temporarily due to a stroke she had some months ago that left her temporarily, partially paralyzed. Speaking with her always made me feel better because she was inspirational. She survived breast cancer, a heart attack, stroke...and thank God, just kept going. I always thought of the power of the human spirit whenever we spoke. Oy, I didn't want that to sound patronizing.

And then I sang pop songs in my head while swimming hard, and after my chat with my friend this evening, I saw the nicely edited version of an article I was asked to write for my synagogue's newsletter, on Pat's and my experience in India. Once it's published, perhaps, I'll post it here, too.

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