Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Quantum of Milk

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Huge Emotions at the East Hanover AMC Theater

Well, there were some simmering emotions in the car on the way over, too. Because of Christmas-shopping or other traffic, we were 20 minutes late to see "Milk" yesterday afternoon. Pat hates traffic and hates being late.

Could we read our books till 4:50 pm, the next showing? Not in that video-game-blaring lobby. Let's see another movie instead, we agreed.

"Quantum of Solace," the newest James Bond film, was beginning in 10 minutes. Fine. We'll see that.

Half an hour or so into the movie -- or eight or so action scenes later -- it struck me that we could go to the 4:50 pm showing of "Milk" when this finished, which we did.

A Poem Inspired by an NYT Article on Jack Spicer and His Poetry

"Men at Their Best"

Attractive man
Unattractive men
Equally attractive

James Bond
Jack Spicer, Harvey Milk
All singular, heroic, lonely

Avenging deaths, protecting the free world
Protecting the marginalized or channeling loneliness
One survives, one drinks death, the third is served it, rather than Twinkies.

007 keeps chasing women, cars, boats, villains, and this time, a demon
The poet chased no one, but rather, was more chaste than he wished to be
Our gay MLK chased dignity.

Art is any restoration of dignity, as long as not by vengeful means
So many men, and any number of lesbians, want to be James Bond
Yet Jack Spicer and Harvey Milk were the artists.

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