Monday, June 8, 2009

Bonus Blog

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Class Was Cancelled

Typically, I'd just be saying hi to the girls, Toonces and Phoebe, and then Pat, after walking in the garage-door upon arriving home from class, but tonight, it was cancelled.

Already some months ago, I wrote about how I felt that Facebook was becoming like "a chick on the side," in relation to my blog. Now, I'm resigned that my blog-fidelity is more ephemeral than I'd ever have imagined.

Maybe I feel some permission to be a bit worn out, if not any happiness, from reading an article from yesterday's "The New York Times"
about how few blogs are regularly maintained anymore. The only reason I had time to read the article was because class had been cancelled tonight.

How come I used to make and have lots of time to write for my blog and now, it's hard lately to write twice a week? Could it be that I'm taking six credits this summer? Could it be that Facebook is even more so instantly gratifying compared to the sitemeter's output in my blog? That is, isn't it easier to connect with people directly via Facebook or Twitter than to write a personal essay and hope that people will come whose identity I can know only in terms of their location in the world, and not even always that?

How can I explain how sad I feel, writing all of this? The blog has given me so much. I hope I never abandon it because it gave me such a thrilling gift these past two years so far; it made me feel like a real writer. It was a place to be honest.

Pat just interrupted from the other room to tell me that a woman is suing "Cap'n Crunch" because all of these years, buying the cereal, she thought that the crunch-berries were real fruit. Pat always provides comic relief.

I knew it was a bad sign when I didn't blog about our experience of the 2nd Passover seder at our friends', Julie & Kathy. They always inspire me to blog. Blog? Sleep? Blog? Read and write for school? Blog? Watch a movie/TV show with Pat? Blog? Facebook? Twitter? Read "The New Yorker?" Take a bath? Blog? Pat just told me it's time to go to sleep. Sleep.


Devayani said...

I don't know if you remember me. One random evening long back sitting in TC we talked about why I don't blog anymore. We talked about having 'voice'. And I promised I would make an effort to start blogging again.

I started writing on both my blogs again :)

Funnily, I was reading some article about blog stats being misrepresented. How blogs overrated and how actually most of the people abandon their blogs. I thought I don't want to be part of that statistics. Now that I have added 2 posts I feel lighter, as if I found my voice again.
Thought I should tell somebody :)

Sarah Siegel said...

What's difficult about not blogging as regularly is that I don't fully know what I think or how I feel until I've blogged.

I am craving time to return to it. There are a number of experiences I want to re-live through writing about them -- a backlog.

I do recall our conversation and loved your blog on Indian culture in the U.S.