Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shavuah Tov

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Have a Good Week

It's gotta be a better week than last week when an innocent man was killed by a conspiracy hallucinator. We're watching cheery TV shows, about murdered and potentially murdered families, on "The Closer" and "Medium." Kyra Sedgewick is so appealing.

Of course, I'm jumping to desire to distract myself from thoughts of death. That's always how it works with me.

Just saw a headline that declares that the Holocaust Museum security guard might live. Why did he have to be shot at all?


Anonymous said...

The security guard, Stephen T. Johns, died right away. The person who shot him, James von Brunn, who was wounded when other security guards intervened, is the one who is expected to live.

Sarah Siegel said...

Oy, that's what I get for reading headlines quickly, rather than the news itself. Thanks for the sad clarification.