Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ladies in Love

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At Any Age

Pat and I watched "Ladies in Lavender" last night. I knew nothing about the film, and as I watched the initial scenes of Judi Dench and Maggie Smith strolling down the beach and then returning to the home they shared, I was hopeful that it was a lesbian story I'd never heard of. Bonus, I thought. Turns out -- spoiler alert! -- they fall for a young stranger who comes into their lives, and who is male. (Pat and I fell for the young stranger who comes into *his* life, Natascha McElhone)...but I digress.

Judi Dench's character moved me most, how she flushed and pined for the young man -- actually, that reminds me of how she flushed and pined for Cate Blanchett two years later, in "Notes on a Scandal."

I loved both movies and they're worlds apart -- two spinster-sisters in the '30s in Cornwall vs. a lesbian in denial in London in this century, and both reminded me that desire is irrational -- is arational a word? -- and in the case of "Ladies in Lavender," love is a life-force bigger than any. As I sat there, watching -- another spoiler alert! -- Judi Dench's reaction to the young man's unexpected and sudden departure, I thought, I'm not in love with our cats, like she was with the boy, but that's how I would feel if either of them disappeared at this point. Love is powerful. Any type of love.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah. The soundtrack from Ladies in Lavender is just beautiful. It's one of my favorite CDs to play early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, before the calm and sereneness of the morning opens into the cacophony of the day. :-)

Sarah Siegel said...

John, you're more cultured than I. If I remember correctly, the music in the movie was exclusively classical. Left to my own devices, the mellowest I could ever be with music in the morning would be, say, Earth, Wind & Fire, though The Gap Band would be more my speed typically....