Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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It's That Time of the Year

I'm feeling especially grateful, thank God, that:

  • Pat and I are happy as a couple and essentially healthy
  • Our mothers are still alive and alert and funny and brilliant
  • Pat and I feel devoted to our siblings and apparently, vice versa
  • Our nephews and niece are growing up interestingly and express their love for us
  • I have a job
  • My job is stimulating and enables me to experiment with how adults learn
  • I am healthy enough to exercise regularly
  • My therapist is good and costs so little thanks to a generous benefit from my employer
  • This week is a vacation-week
  • I'm doing really well in grad school and still primarily enjoying it
  • Our planes were on time and there was not terrible weather for our flights so far
  • Phoebe and Toonces, the cats, have become our beloved daughters
  • I have brilliant, loving friends whose friendship I enjoy whenever I avail myself of it
  • My school-reading is done for the semester and I can read for pleasure solidly from now till January
  • I feel free to be myself.

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