Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: 5770 Welcomes You!

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Celebrating the New Year Twice

As a Jew in America, I celebrate the New Year twice yearly. The year 5770, which kicked off in September, is supposed to signify the birthday of the world, according to Jewish tradition -- though science has shown it to be much older -- and 2010 is supposed to be the birthday of Jesus, according to Christian tradition.

It's my own tradition or habit to be reflective at both milestones and to be hopeful about what the new year will bring. It's never all positive, even as I cannot successfully predict the negative events.

Pop Culture's Lessons

Pat and I have seen a lot of movies and plays and art exhibits lately and here's what I've learned from them, to inform the rest of 5770 and 2010 (in no particular order):

"A Little Night Music:" Each of us can be an agent of absurdity, i.e., "Send in the clowns....Don't bother; they're here."

"Roni Horn aka Roni Horn" at the Whitney: Observers of art complete it.

"Bye, Bye Birdie:" Telecommunications has come a long way.

"Precious:" Literacy volunteering was the most sacred volunteering I ever did.

"Invictus:" Rallying people around something bigger than themselves always is the goal.

"The Understudy:" Meaningful work is hard to find if you want to do more than yell, "Get in the truck!" And Kafka can be a comedic device.

"Avatar:" People who systematically treat others as alien alienate me.

"Georgia O'Keefe: Abstraction:" Artwork that's relatively obscure can be the best kind, i.e., her abstract paintings and drawings -- showcased here -- drew me in far more than the flower and Southwest still-life paintings she's famous for.

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