Monday, January 4, 2010

Writing for Relaxation

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Football Offers a Bonus Opportunity

Since Pat's watching Boise State and another team battle it out, I have no excuse not to sit down and relax with my blog. Five friends and I meet on Monday nights -- except last semester, when I had class on Mondays -- and we jam about Creativity.

Tonight, I reminded myself aloud that no matter the quality of my creative voice, it is unique. And that I love blogging vs. tweeting because with blogging, I can lose myself, whereas with tweeting, I am ultra-self-conscious.

There's less discipline with blogging, the way I do it, but more satisfaction ultimately. Most often, I feel at least somewhat sated when I'm done.

What is it about friends, talking about creativity that helps me *be* more creative? I feel less alone in my fears and doubts. I feel more connected that others want to spend their free time, being self-expressive.

Tonight, I was also reminded that I consider swimming an art along with writing, as it lets me express myself, too. A friend teaches yoga in addition to painting and I swim in addition to writing.

My trunk felt strong and useful in the pool this morning. It was the engine for my arms especially. My backstroke felt almost elegant.

I'm not lost yet. In today's "New York Times," I read an article, which ended with the columnist, talking about how the potential Apple tablet would be the most exciting thing to come along, since the comic-book ads for miniature sea-horses that he saw as an eight-year-old boy.

At eight, the coolest things to me were Lego; a doll that looked like a Buckingham Palace guard; rocks and minerals; oranges picked fresh from my grandmother's grove in Israel; penny-candy; and the X-ray glasses you could buy from the back of comic books, too.

At my adult age now, I cannot think of anything purchasable, or potentially so, that has excited me more than those items, except maybe Rollerblades.

I find myself replaying my swim in my head now, and maybe I'll go to bed and do that, or imagine I'm rollerblading. When I used to downhill-ski, that's how I'd fall asleep at night on the days we did it; I'd see the trail in front of me and ski it.

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