Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Best of Stamford

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The Official Version vs. My Version

Earlier today, I received e-mail from a Middle Eastern restaurant in Stamford, Connecticut, asking me to vote for it as the best ethnic restaurant in Stamford for 2010. When I went to the voting site, it included a link to the winners for 2009.

Stamford is my hometown. I spent ages 0-18 there.

Here is my Best of Stamford list:
  • Best rock to climb upon and eat a picnic lunch: At the Stamford Museum & Nature Center
  • Best bikeride: High Ridge Rd. from Sunset Rd. to the Dorothy Heroy public pool
  • Best friends from Stamford in the order I met them:
    • Sarah Tauber
    • Jimmy Gutterman
    • Didi (aka Nicole) Doutre
    • Helene Doutre
    • HoneyB (aka Barbara) Prins
    • J.J. (aka Jennifer Juliet) Rogers
    • Adrienne Weiss
    • Jennifer Gerstel
    • Amy Neufeld
    • Caryn Lesnoy (z"l)
    • Atalia Hochenberg
    • Svetlana Bekman
    • Leslie Karp (z"l)
  • Best stone wall: In the woods on either side of our driveway
  • Best place to ice-skate in my neighborhood: In the woods behind Did's and Helene's house
  • Best Chevy Impala convertible ride with the top down: To Friendly's ice-cream shop on High Ridge Road during spring and summer, with my parents in the front and my two sisters and I, on our knees, facing backward and gripping the back-seat as the breeze whipped through our hair
  • Best place to roller-skate alone: Hickory Road
  • Best reminder of the heather in *My Secret Garden*: At the intersection, where you turn right to go to Scalzi Park
  • Best sledding hill: Behind Temple Sinai
  • Best wild raspberries and blueberries: In the woods to the side and behind our house
  • Best pets: Didi's and Helene's dog, Fluffy; HoneyB's dog, Elizabeth; and Amy's dog, Tigger
  • Best place to play ping-pong: the Jewish Community Center's recreation room
  • Best pool to swim in as a guest: the Italian Center's
  • Best ski club: Stamford High's
  • Best salesman/ambassador/recruiter for his alma mater: Cy Carlton for the University of Michigan
  • Best contemporary mind: Scott Kogan's
  • Best resemblance to my 14-17-year-old self, or so all of our Stamford High teachers thought: Karol Nielsen
  • Best dances in the '80s, where everything from "Reunited" to "Hungry Like the Wolf" played: Stamford High's.

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