Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween in Bangalore

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Brooms Look Different in India

I left my computer's power-cord at work by mistake today, so this'll be quick:

A group of beautiful teenage witches showed up at our door to collect candy. I passed several costumed kids on the way back to our house tonight. It was surreal and totally believable a at once. The opportunity for free candy is a universal reason to celebrate, I understand now, if I didn't already.

Also, 60% of the community where we live are expatriate families; I saw more Indian than non-Indian kids out tonight, but possibly, they were Indian-American kids.


Anonymous said...

Who woulda thunk it? Halloween in India...
Halloween here was fun. Great parade in our neighborhood. Best costume - the baby in a stroller that was decked out to look just like a yellow cab. Also, the baby walking his dog on a leash - both dressed as skunks. And then there was the homemade pirate ship built onto some kind of wheelie contraption, that held about a dozen children while it was being dragged down the street by their adults. Fun.
got to go to work now.

Sarah Siegel said...

Halloween in Brooklyn sounded more innovative than the Bangalore version.

Most of the kids I saw here didn't knock themselves out to create and wear cool costumes.