Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pop Tune Mystery

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Who Was the Artist?

During today's morning commute, my driver Channa and I heard a song that reminded me of a faster version of classic Suzanne Vega music. Malwika, the R.J. (her term for D.J.) on Radio Indigo, 91.1 FM, the colour of music, announced it as "Drinking Champagne Through a Straw." I really, really liked it and cannot find it through Google.

On the way home, I heard a new song by James Blunt. I disliked "Beautiful," which everyone else I knew loved, but I enjoyed "1973" and this other new one, the name and words of which I can't recall.

As I've stated here before, music is the balm!


Urban Jungleboy said...

I think it might have been this song by Andrea Corr:

Sarah Siegel said...

Indeed. And like Pat, she has dimples. A bonus!

Thanks for solving the mystery.

Urban Jungleboy said...

My Pleasure.

My friends tell me I have awesome and terrifying Google-fu.

I just have be sure to use my powers for good. :-)